These videos are of launches of British rockets.
All the launches took place at the Woomera launch site in Australia.
The file sizes are not small, but if you have broadband then there should be few problems.
They are in avi or mpg format.

RTV launch. [1Mb]
The RTV or Rocket Test Vehicle was a research vehicle to study the problems of steering missiles. This would eventually to lead to the Thunderbird and Bloodhound missiles. Notice the somewhat unconventional launching technique. It was not until Black Knight that trials became properly detailed and documented.

Skylark launch. [2.34Mb]
Skylark was a highly successful sounding rocket. Some hundreds were launched, not only in Australia, but also in Europe at launch sites in Sicily and Sweden.

Black Knight launch. [2.68Mb]
Black Knight was always launched at night, but as you can see, its HTP motors did not give a spectacular exhaust. Black Arrow launches are very similar.

Black Arrow launch. [2.76Mb]
This is the first Black Arrow launch, R0. However, one of the wires in the control feedback circuit broke, which meant that one set of chambers moved violently from side to side instead of making gentle control movements. This can just be seen in the film, where one of the exhausts can be swing from side to side.

Blue Steel launch. [1.33Mb]
This shows a Blue Steel being dropped from a Vulcan bomber, and the missile motors starting up.

Blue Streak launch. [2.29Mb]
The first three Blue Streaks were single stage vehicles.

Blue Streak tumble. [2.39Mb]
It's often said that Blue Streak was entirely successful in all its launches - not quite. The very first launch cut out a few seconds early. The fuel in the nearly empty tanks began sloshing from side to side, and eventually the rocket tumbled. The clip shows the tumble - but the vehicle survived this roll intact!

Europa launch. [2.1Mb]
The last Woomera launch. All three rocket stages were successful, but the Italian fairings at the top of the vehicle failed to separate!

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