The Major British Rocketry Projects - Real and Planned.

All the plans on this page are drawn to the same scale for comparison purposes.

1 is Blue Steel, the stand off bomb for the V bombers. Started in 1954, it came into service in 1964, and remained until Polaris was fully operational.
2 is the SR 53, of which two were built, and 3 is the SR 177, which was cancelled before its first flight.

4 is Black Knight: 25 made and 22 launched. Highly successful.
5 is the proposed satellite launcher based on Black Knight, but with a liquid hydrogen upper stage. Considerable planning and design was done for this vehicle, but the project died for lack of funds.
6 is Black Arrow, the satellite launcher. 5 were made and 4 launched. R3 put the Prospero satellite into orbit.
7 is a proposed IRBM based on the Stentor engine.

All the designs above used HTP and kerosene as fuels.

Blue Streak and its derivatives. 8 is Blue Streak: 3 rounds were fired in this configuration, F1 to F3.
9 is Black Prince, derived from adding a modified Black Knight on top of Blue Streak. This design was abandoned in favour of 10, Europa, the ELDO launcher with French and German upper stages. There were a further 8 launches of this configuration.
11 is further wishful thinking. Black Arrow was designed with a 2 metre first stage diameter, so that it could be a direct replacement for the Europa upper stages if the chance arose!

Nicholas Hill.

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