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Following our sixth annual conference, we have began to publish a series of journals covering the talks and presentations.

Details and contents of Issue Number 1: Spring 2004.

Sample chapter from Issue 1 available for download.
('The Original Computers - An Interview with Mary Whitehead' by Kerry Dougherty)

Details and contents of Issue Number 2: Spring 2005.

Sample chapter from Issue 2 available for download.
('The BLUE STREAK Weapon' by Roy Dommett)

Details and contents of Issue Number 3: Spring 2006.

Sample chapter from Issue 3 available for download.
('The Spadeadam Blue Streak Underground Launcher Facility U1' by Wayne D Cocroft)

Details and contents of Issue Number 4: Spring 2007.

Sample chapter from Issue 4 available for download.
('The X5 Satellite: An Innovative Opportunity to Advance Orbit Emplacement Technology' by David G. Fearn)

Details and contents of Issue Number 5: Spring 2008.

Sample chapter from Issue 5 available for download.
('Skylark Ascending' by Professor Mike Cruise)


Individual issues £20 + £2.95 postage. £30 for 2 issues plus £2.95 post and packing. 3 or more copies £10 each (p&p £8 for 5 copies, £7 for 4 copies, £6 for 3 copies).
Contact Nicholas Hill or Dr Lesley Wright.

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