A Vertical Empire

A Vertical Empire by CN Hill

A note from John Boyd Carpenter, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 22nd July 1963:

"I suggest we cannot begin to build a vertical empire if our colleagues insist on our continuing to provide for the defence of a horizontal one."
The book, which is 90,000 words long and with more than 90 illustrations, covers the period from 1950-1971, when the UK's rocketry effort was a very significant programme.

The major projects covered include the rocket interceptors, Blue Steel, Blue Streak, Black Knight and Black Arrow. In addition, many proposed designs and projects which never got much beyond the drawing board are covered. Further, analysis is given to why these projects were cancelled or aborted, and why, as a consequence, the UK Government has fought shy of any involvement in any launcher project for the last 30 years.

Blue Streak was the major project undertaken by the UK - there is also political and military analysis of both the success and the failure of the project based on Government papers released only recently under the Thirty Year Rule. The reasons for the cancellation are more complex than is currently accepted, and give a considerable insight into the workings of Government and Whitehall.

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