The SR53.

Length = 45 feet   Height = 10 feet 10 inches Span = 25 feet 1 inches Span over missiles = 28 feet 1 inch
Maximum speed: M2.0 at 35,000ft or more Climb to 50,000 ft: 2.2mins 2 Firestreak missiles on wings
Weight empty: 7,400lbs Rocket Fuel: 10,500lbs Jet Fuel: 500lbs
Armstrong Siddeley Viper A.S.V.8 turbojet of thrust 1,640lb De Havilland Spectre rocket motor 8,000lbs thrust

The jet intakes are mounted high in the fuselage just behind the cockpit, and the jet pipe runs aft. Below the jet is the rocket motor.

Of the three prototypes, 2 were completed. XD145 first flew 16 May 1957, and is now in the RAF Museum at Cosford. XD151 first flew on 5 December 1957, but crashed on 5 August 1958, killing the pilot. No cause for the crash was established.

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