Blue Streak Pictures

Blue Streak
Most photos do not give a feeling for the size of the vehicle - the cars and people put it into perpective!

Non Flight Models.

Blue Streak

This is an early model seen at Spadeadam, the test site located in Cumbria. Several non flight models were built for testing.

Blue Streak

Another non flight model - probably D4 - at Woomera.

Flight models.

Blue Streak

A flight model seen at Hawker Siddeley's Hatfield works.

Blue Streak

A single stage flight model. The nose cone was a dummy one ton weight for ballast. The distinctive spiral pattern was suggested by experimental Officer Mary Whitehead of the Long Range Weapon Establishment (LWRE) to observe whether the vehicle was rolling in flight.

The F1 launch.

The launch team at Woomera ...

The launch itself ...

It is often said that Blue Streak launches were flawless. This is not quite true. These are three photographs of the early termination of the flight. Sloshing of the fuel in the nearly empty tanks causes the vehicle to tumble.

By now the vehicle is around 40 miles down range, but the film shows the guidance system losing control. The sloshing deprives the engines of fuel, and the flight ends a few seconds early.

More can be found out about this in the F1 flight report by Harold Robinson.

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